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Binh Minh Packaging Joint Stock Company was established in 2007, specializes in producing, printing and supplying all kinds of complex soft film packaging for various industries, such as food, confectionery, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agriculture chemicals, etc... on materials including: Kraft, couche, BOPP, MOPP, PET, MCPP, MPET, PA, PE, AL, PVC, POF, LLDPE etc.
With the leading position in producing packaging in Vietnam, we have been continuously researching and improving our producing capability; training and building a professional staff  in order to  satisfy customers by our high quality products and excellent services.
To be sustainable and  stable development , we are particularly focus on  our core values, packing solutions, both to maximize business performance and  protect the environment.
With our mission "Focus on Customers"you can be completely assured to work with Binh Minh"Guaranteed Quality - Good Price - Great Service".
Certifications: ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 9001:2015, HACCP – GMP
  • Market: Provide high quality products and services. Beside the outstanding quality, every product and service contains cultural messages with purpose is satisfying legitimate needs of customers.​
  • Shareholders: Promote the spirit of cooperation and development; commit to become “No.1 companion” of partners and shareholders; continuously increase the values of attractive and sustainability investment.
  • EmployeesDevelop a professional, dynamic, creative and humane working environment; facilitate to get high income, equitable development opportunities.​
  • CommunityHarmonize the social and economic benefits; contribute the community development activities. Express the spirit of civic responsibility and the national pride.
  • With the leading ambition and investment & sustainable development strategy, Binh Minh strives to become a great influence production facility in Viet Nam.​
  • Binh Minh desires to create a modern brand, express the wisdom and pride of leaders and employees.
  • TrustBinh Minh regards “TRUST” as our honor. We always fully repare enforcement capacities and try our best to ensure the commitments.​
  • HeartBinh Minh put “HEART” first. We always comply with law, maintain moral values and put customers first.
  • WisdomBinh Minh highly recommends the perfection of technology - the leverage development.  We always make a point of building “A non-stop learning and perfect business”
  • HumanBinh Minh builds relationships with the humane spirit, regards employees as the most valuable asset, creates the harmonious human base on fairness, integrity. We high recommend the power of unity.